Really Free Movie Exhibition @ Piksel06

The Really Free Movie Exhibition is the most politically correct action of Cine Falcatrua, a Brazilian group that works in the borderline between cinema’s hyper-authorized architecture and new media’s fluid ecology. It consists of screenings of copyleft movies downloaded from the Internet, whose url sources are beforehand revealed to the audience. The spectators are encouraged to download the movies and organize their own exhibitions, becoming curators themselves. All movies exhibited at Piksel06 can be downloaded through Cine Falcatrua’s blog or Piksel website.

* * *

This exhibition intends to redimension the value of curatorial work, which simply is a process of selection and compositing – just as creating electronic music, for example. Selection and compositing are, as Lev Manovich says and any remix-loving teenager knows by heart, “key operations of digital media”, widely available tools for creation in digital environments.

The RFME also works as a critical commentary on the movie theater’s transparency. As a medium, the movie theater denies its own existence; it conveys a message (the movie) as if there wasn’t any contingent code. The exhibition of internet movies on a big screen reveals the farse behind this, showing digital cinema in all its opacity: compression artifacts, pixelization, dvix watermarks.

* * *

[ Programme 01 | brazil, tactical media, licensing ]
Extra Warning, Brenda Make, 2005
TV Falcatrua 2.0, Cine Falcatrua, 2006
A Televisão Não Será Revolucionada!?, Media Sana, 2003
Rádio Muda, Rádio Muda, 2001
Creative Commons Brazil, Danny Passman, 2005
Trusted Computing, Benjamin Stephan e Lutz Vogel, 2005
State of the Union, Bryan Boyse, 2001
Mashin’ of the Christ, Negativland, 2004
Kuvastin, Tatu Pohjavirta, 2001

[ Programme 02 | bricollage, music, composing ]
The Grey Video, Ramon & Pedro, 2004
No Business, James Gladman & Negativland, 2005
Copyright Criminals: This is a Sampling Sport, Ben Franzen & Lembrew McLeod, 2005
Tá Como o Diabo Gosta, Re:combo, 2005
Unsquare Beat, Esquadrão Atari, 2005
Life Wasted, Pearl Jam & Fernando Apodaca, 2006
A Fluo Dança!, Primeira Paróquia, 2003
Profissão de Fé, Primeira Paróquia, 2003
Giant Steps, Michal Levy, 2001
Elephants Dream, Blender Foundation, 2006
Remarkably Bold Venture of the Rabbit, Tim Drage, 2000

[ Programme 03 | classics, public domain, fair use ]
I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead, You Rascal You, Max Fleischer, 1932
Les Kiriki, Acrobates Japonais, Segundo de Chomon, 1907
Un Chien Andalou, Luís Buñuel, 1929
Story Without End, Vicki Bennett, 2005
Gimme the Mermaid, Negativland and Tim Maloney, 2000
Willful Infringement: Mickey and Me, Jed Horovitz, 2005

[ Programme 04 | digital cinema, p2p, piracy ]
O Gilbertinho Prefere Cópias Digitais, Cine Falcatrua, 2005
The Scene (ep 101), Jun Group Productions, 2005
Remix – History of Mashups, Brett Gaylor, 2006
The Artwork in the Age of its Mechanical Reproducibility by Walter Benjamin as told to Keith Sanborn, Keith Sanborn, 1996
Steal this Film (Part One), The League of Noble Peers, 2006


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    meh, I dun need free movies. I get them with out registering, click on my user name to find out how!

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