As Farse : Call for Works

Repeats Itself As Farse : Call for Works
International Video Exhibition – Urban Intervention
April 2007 – Vitória/ES – Brazil

More than landmarks, urban intervention establishes cut markers. It particularizes places and, through decoupage, recreates landscapes where there wasn’t even space. Each action produces opportunities to diverge, platforms for the gaze’s jump cuts.

But how can this agenda be fulfilled through video, a tool not only for capture, but also for exhaustion? Through video, which wear reality out by repetition?

That’s the question Cine Falcatrua wants to pose with Repeats Itself As Farse, international exhibition for urban intervention videos.

Repeats Itself As Farse aims to remove urban intervention videos from galleries and museums and insert them in the projection room, considering them not as artworks, but as audiovisual records and electronic memories.

The exhibition accepts videos up to 10 minutes. You can send your work till January 12th 2007 to the following address:

Cine Falcatrua
Caixa Postal 010006
ZIP 29001-970

Please, send artist’s statement, technical data and hi-res pictures to comofarsa[at], subject “Repeats Itself As Farse – Call for Works”


3 Respostas to “As Farse : Call for Works”

  1. ruben Says:

    Disculpade a minha lingua (é galego, non exactamente porgugues)
    Estou interesado no tema, pero non entendo ben a proposta, a definición da convocatoria.
    Poderiades aclarir ou facer máis compresibel o tip de traballo que buscades, e en qué contexto se vai a expoñer, se hai presupostos, etc?


  2. gilbertinho Says:

    hello, ruben!

    it will be a video exhibition, with daily screenings of about one hour in a local projection room. along with the screenings, there will be roundtables with researchers and artists

  3. As Farse : RECALL! « Cine Falcatrua Says:

    […] Here. […]

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