As Farse : RECALL!

Repeats Itself As Farse : FAQ-Regulations
International Video Exhibition – Urban Intervention
April 2007 – Vitória/ES – Brazil

What is Repeats Itself as Farse?

It is a video exhibition, to be held in a conventional projection space, with a big screen and such. It is also a seminar about the complex relationships between space, image and consumption, involving researchers, artists and even more interesting people.

What kind of work can participate?

Audiovisual records of urban interventions, in any format (MiniDV, super8 film, mpeg files, etc). By urban intervention, we mean critical and creative interferences in the public space of the city.

Can I send you an urban intervention proposal?

If in form of an audiovisual record, be welcome. But we will not provide space nor the necessary infrastructure for whoever wants to make urban interventions during the event.

Can I send you video-art or documentaries about the city?

At first, no. But the boundaries between audiovisual records, video-art and documentaries can be very thin – that’s one of the points we want to speculate about. So, if you think your work fits in the exhibition, please send it. Surprise us.

By submitting a work to the exhibition, what kind of commitments am I assuming?

You are giving us the authorization to exhibit your work during the seminar-exhibition and its occasional development.

And you?

We’ll provide a place for everyone who comes to the seminar-exhibition stay. If you can’t come, we’ll send you the event’s catalog by mail.

How can I submit my work?

We are accepting videos up to 10 minutes. Send a DVD copy of the work until January 19th 2007 to the following address:

Cine Falcatrua – Se Repete Como Farsa
Caixa Postal 010006
ZIP 29001-970

Informations for the catalog (artist’s statement, technical data, hi-res pictures, etc) can be sent to comofarsa[at], subject “Repeats Itself As Farse – Call for Works”.

Where’s the other call for works? It was so poetical/ confusing!



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